Doctor Who

Edward Russell joined the Cardiff team in 2006 as Brand Manager for Doctor Who. He has worked across all the additional activity on the series, from helping to devise Blue Peter Competitions, to working with BBC Children in Need’s various charity events, including their annual telethon. On the commercial side, he is the liaison between BBC Worldwide and the programme makers. From action figures to T-shirts, from computer games to TARDIS leggings! Edward has been at the heart of the growth of fan-focused merchandise and events.

In recent years, Edward has managed all the Doctor Who book, magazine and comic output including novels, colouring books and factual guides such as Whographica. Among his numerous duties, he has a special responsibility for photography on the show; developing the show’s Iconic Images such as the Doctor and Nardole saving Bill from falling from the TARDIS or having our heroes replicate the famous cover of Abbey Road by The Beatles.

He has worked alongside Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat plus all the Doctors and companions from David Tennant onwards. During 2013, Edward helped mastermind various special events including taking the show to Buckingham Palace and the enormous Doctor Who Festival in London to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

Edward will be attending Doctor Who conventions during 2017 and 2018 as both a panelist and a moderator.

Long Island's Doctor Who Convention (November 2017)

Gallifrey One (February 2018)

DWAS - The Capitol (April 2018)
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